Mailing address
DAM Ústí nad Labem, s.r.o.
U Tonasa 2
403 31 Neštěmice

Owner and managing director
Daniel Smolař
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Welding address
DAM Ústí nad Labem, s.r.o.
Areál TOS Varnsdorf, a.s.
Říční 1774
407 47 Varnsdorf
GPS: 50°53´22,7"N 14°37´37,3"E

Metalworking address
DAM Ústí nad Labem, s.r.o.
PZ Tonaso Neštěmice, a.s.
U Tonasa 2
403 31 Neštěmice
GPS: 50°40´13,3"N 14°6´39,0"E

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Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001  Certificate EN ISO 3834-2:2006

DAM Ústí nad Labem



DAM Ústí nad Labem, in cooperation with CTU in Prague, FME, RCMT, offers the following services:

  • custom design of welded frame parts using topological optimisation,
  • general topological optimisation of machine frames,
  • technologies for the production of complex-shaped welded structures using topological optimisation,
  • design of frame parts made of hybrid sandwich structures,
  • computational optimisation for static rigidity, natural frequencies and mode shapes while minimising weight, using the finite element method,
  • technology development and production of frame parts based on welded steel frames and laminated metal foams,
  • comprehensive production and supply of structural parts including thermal processing, machining and surface finishing.